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2022 6 July

Today we released update for DOMIQ/Base modules. The main feature of this update is integration with Shelly devices. The full list of changes is below:


  1. NEW: We added integration with Shelly devices. The detailed description of using Shelly in DOMIQ  is presented in the tutorial: Integration with Shelly. List of supported Shelly modules:
        1. All gen. 2 modules, including the Plus and Pro series modules.
        2. Gen. 1 modules:
            1. 1/1PM/1L
            2. 2/2.5
            3. Plug/PlugS
            4. H&T
            5. Smoke
            6. Flood
            7. Door/Window 1/2
            8. Uni
            9. 4Pro
            10. Dimmer 1/2
            11. RGBW2 White
            12. Motion
            13. Sense
            14. Button1
            15. I3
            16. TRV
            17. Gas
            18. EM
            19. 3EM
            20. Vintage
  2. Fixed bug in searching for expanderd connected to a DOMIQ/Expander module.
  3. We have added new commands for controlling shutters based on the DOMIQ/Expander module:
    1. toggle: for single-button shutter control. Each execution of the toggle command switches shutter’s state in the following cycle: up-stop-down-stop and so on.
    2. toggleup - switches shutters’ state between two states: up-stop
    3. toggledow - switches shutters’ state between two states: down-stop
    4. We have also added support for commands sent as numbers:
      * 0 - stop
       * 1 - up
       * 3 - down
       * 4 - toggleup
       * 5 - toggledown
  4. We have added commands to control shutters using time intervals. It requires to pass additional parameter to a regular shutter command. This attribute tells the Expander module for how long to a shutter should be moving. The general syntax is: EXP.shutter.<module>.<shutter>=<command>;<interval>.  Example: EXP.shutter.3.1=up;3 - shutter no. 1 in a module with the address no. 3 will go „up“ for 3 seconds. Time interval value can also be a fraction number.
  5. Improved security of remote connections from the DOMIQ/Remote app.
  6. Fixed issue in web server that might caused problems when saving the configuration.
  7. Fixed bug in the "Lock Keys" command in the LCN.
  8. Minor fixes in DOMIQ/Light driver.


  1. Fixed issue in handling of websocket connection between web browser and the Base module.
  2. Added „MQTT“ and „Shelly" options for enabling integration with Shelly devices (both options have to be enabled).
  3. Added the „Last change“ column in the State tab.
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