Today we released an update of the system, web components as well as firmware update for the DOMIQ/Expander module.

Changes include:

  1. Changes in terms to support the DOMIQ/Remote for Android.
  2. Fixed routing of LCN packets (when using Base as LCN segment coupler).
  3. Optimized mechanism for scanning of LCN installation.
  4. Added option for disabling motors position monitoring.
  5. Added option for registering charts for any identifiers (till now only the LCN.value was valid identifier).
  6. Fixed support of BACnet protocol:
    1. Support for all mandatory BACnet properties in release 12.
    2. Added support for multistate input and outuput objects.
    3. Added option for subscribing state notification for any BACnet objects.
  7. Fixed subscription of UPnP devices.
  8. New syntax for relative volume changes in UPnP. The new syntax is as follows: UAV.volume.<device>=change:+/-<value>. Example: UAV.volume.kitchen=change:5 - increase volume by 5. UAV.volume.kitchen=change:-10, decrease volume by 10.
  9. Fixed commands for saving light scenes, setting framerate and frametime in DOMIQ/Light module.
  10. Fixed commands processing in DOMIQ/Expander module.
  11. Changed command for expanders configuration in case of expanders bus signal failure. The new command sets the following behaviour of expanders in case of bus signal failure: outputs that are on, will be swtiched off, those that were off will remain in off state. In future we plan to add option that will allow to set default state of relays for each expander separately.
  12. Added validation for network settings in the configurator.
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