Today we released an update of the system, web and rtos components.

Changes include:


  1. Support for new extension module DOMIQ/Expander - this module allows to connect up to 32 Satel expanders. Following Satel expanders are supported: INT-IORS (8 inputs, 8 relays each) or INT-ORS (8 relays each).
  2. Significant optimization of the UPnP subsystem, handles now tens of UPnP devices.
  3. Added LCN count/compute command. Command supports old (older than firmware 17xxxx) and new generation of LCN modules. Range of changes of variables: +/-4000.
    1. Older LCN modules allow to change only TVar variable. Example:  LCN.value.0.10.t=change:100 or LCN.value.0.10.t=change:-100
    2. For new generation of LCN modules, the command supports all 12 variables. Example: LCN.variable.0.10.1=change:100 lub LCN.variable.0.10.12=change:-200
  4. Support for setting LCN regulators and thresholds relative to programmed value.
  5. Fixed ranges for setting LCN regulators and thresholds.
  6. Optimization for remote connections to cameras.
  7. Multiple changes and optimizations in the DEAP subsystems for the DOMIQ/Remote for Android.
  8. Fixed synchronization of network variables.

Web (configurator)

  1. New tab for DOMIQ/Expander module.
  2. Fixes for number formatting in Value.
  3. Other fixes for Display elements.
  4. Validation for the Module field in the Settings tab.
  5. Fixes in editing options for controls: IDS Zone, IDS Output, IDS Input.


  1. Dynamic Lua heap size
  2. Dynamic FLASH0 filesystem size
  3. Fixes in async TCP sockets
  4. New CLI commands: fstat and updated commands: format (requires additional confirmation) and heap (summary in stat)
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2015.04.12 22:45

When are you going to launch it on the apple app store?

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